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Extended Warranty B2B - Terms and Conditions

Applicable to Products purchased after March 6, 2020

1. Logitech shall extend the standard warranty period applicable to the Logitech products (“Products”) in the countries specified in Schedule A as amended from time to time or as provided on the Logitech website. The extended warranty is purchased for the duration of time selected in the applicable purchase order (“Extended Warranty”).

2. Purchase of the Extended Warranty will entitle the business customer acquiring a Product for its own use (i.e. not for commercial resale) ( “End Customer”) to a warranty term beyond the applicable standard warranty period, corresponding to the extension of time selected as set forth in the applicable purchase order. Consumers are not eligible to purchase the Extended Warranty.

3. Components included in a Product are covered by the Extended Warranty applicable to the relevant Product. Components sold separately and consumables are excluded from the Extended Warranty.

4. The Extended Warranty may only be purchased at the time of Product purchase or within 30 days of the purchase date of the relevant Product. If a purchase order for an Extended Warranty is received after said period, Logitech may at its discretion decline to accept the purchase order.

5. These Extended Warranty Terms are in addition to the standard Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty, which is expressly incorporated herein by reference and which remains in full force. To the extent there is any conflict between (i) the Extended Warranty Terms and the Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty, the Extended Warranty Terms will take precedence; (ii) the Extended Warranty Terms and a Logitech Website, the Extended Warranty Terms will take precedence.

6. Upon expiration of the standard warranty period, this Extended Warranty will result in continuation of coverage under the warranty terms, equal to the time extension purchased. Logitech’s acceptance of a warranty claim is subject to the conditions set forth in the Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty. Upon Logitech approval of an Extended Warranty claim, Logitech may at its option: (i) repair or replace the Product with the same Product or that of an equivalent value. In certain cases, where the components required to repair or replace the same model become no longer available, Logitech may replace the Product with the newest model of equivalent value; or (ii) provide a refund. The refund for a defective Product shall be calculated as the price, excluding VAT, paid by End Customer for the Product provided that (a) reasonable account shall be taken of the value of the use of the defective Product between the time of the purchase and the refund, and (b) the refund amount shall never exceed the fair market value of the the Product. The value calculated by Logitech is final, binding and not subject to dispute. Any replacement hardware product will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer.

7. End Customer shall carry out the actions and comply with the procedures set out in this section:

  1. ensure information in the Warranty Extension Confirmation document is correct, and each Serial Number aligns with the Serial Number on the applicable covered Product. Any discrepancy shall be reported to Logitech support within thirty (30) days.
  2. exclusively contact Logitech support by phone, email or any other method as indicated by Logitech if a defect occurs in a Product
  3. provide Logitech with information about the Product model and Serial Number, the purchase date, a detailed description of the issue as well as any other information reasonably required by Logitech.
  4. upon request, provide Logitech with a copy of the proof of purchase of the Product indicating the date of purchase and the Serial Number
  5. upon request, provide Logitech with a copy of the proof of purchase of the Extended Warranty.
Failure to observe these requirements and procedures will result in invalidating the Extended Warranty.

8. The Extended Warranty is limited to a time extension of the standard Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty from the original purchase date of the relevant Product. THIS EXTENDED WARRANTY IS A NON-INSURANCE, SUPPLEMENTAL WARRANTY EXTENDING THE DURATION OF THE STANDARD WARRANTY. It does not cover, either expressly or implied, any additional or different circumstances other than the defects in material and workmanship covered under the standard Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty. All warranty exclusions provided for in the Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty apply to this Extended Warranty. Accordingly, additional circumstances such as accidental or incidental damage, indirect damage, loss, theft, mishandling or misuse are excluded from the coverage.

9. These Terms and Conditions are entered into by: (i) Logitech Inc. if End Customer purchased the Product in North America and/or from a reseller in North America; (ii) by Logitech Europe SA if End Customer purchased the Product in EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) and/or from a reseller established in EMEA; (iii) by Logitech Asia Pacific Limited if End Customer purchased the Product in Asia Pacific and/or from a reseller established in Asia Pacific (collectively, “Logitech”).

10. Logitech reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time. Revised terms will only apply to Products and Extended Warranty purchased after the effective date of the revision.

11. The Extended Warranty is associated with a device through its serial number (S/N). When the Product includes multiple components, only the S/N of the primary device is to be recorded, all components that are originally bundled with the primary device are covered by the extension of warranty.

12. The registration and activation of the Extended Warranty occurs during the purchase and End Customer will receive a confirmation listing the S/N of the covered Product. If End Customer is requested to register the Product, it must do so within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Product. Registration information may include but not be limited to Product name, purchase date, contract reference number and serial number.

Schedule A
(as of March 6, 2020):

The Extended Warranty applies to the Logitech products listed below (“Product”)

Product Name Model/Number of primary device Standard Warranty Period
Rally Camera V-R0010 Rally Camera 2 years
Rally V-R0010 Rally Camera
Rally Plus V-R0010 Rally Camera
MeetUp V-R0007
Tap V-U0053

Recap of standard (included), extended and total warranty duration:

Year Warranty Included / purchased separately Total Warranty Duration
Years 1 & 2 Included 2 years
+1 year Purchased separately 3 years

United States of America
European Union + EFTA
United Kingdom